• Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home

    We residents of Savannah are a prideful people. We are proud of our history, of the grand manors that dot our streets, and even more, we are proud of those quirky and unique citizens of our town that have gone on to bigger and better things. If the sons and daughters of Savannah do well, it makes us ALL look good and we will brag on them through the end of time. If you are

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  • Colonial Park Cemetery

    Looking for unusual things to see in Savannah GA? It should be of no surprise to learn that cemeteries are popular destination spots during vacations, as the human animal is enamored with a brush with fame, regardless of whether that famous person is alive or not. Pere Lachaise in Paris, the final resting spot of Chopin, Jim Morrison, and Sarah Bernhardt; Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where both John and Robert Kennedy were buried;

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  • 10 Things to Eat and See in Savannah

    10 Things to Eat, See, and Do in Savannah If you already love Savannah, you know there is something to do, eat, or see on just about every street, corner, and in between! If you prefer a “short list” (or maybe you only have a short time to visit), we’ve compiled a pared down list of some of our favorites. Forsyth Park –

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  • Segway of Savannah

      Segway of Savannah In Savannah, Georgia, you will find a place like no other. There are so many amazing sights and opportunities that it can be difficult to decide how to best take advantage of everything. That is why we are thankful for opportunities like those provided by Segway of Savannah, where you will find one of the most fun and immersive experiences in town. Spend

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  • Savannah Itinerary for Couples

      Looking to spend a weekend with your love? Savannah, full of art, history, amazing food, and Southern hospitality is a great place to getaway. Here’s our perfect weekend Savannah itinerary for couples:   Day 1 Day 1 is all about Broughton Street. Start your Savannah experience off the right way with breakfast at B. Matthew’s Eatery. Dive into Fried Green Tomato Benedict or the Salmon Hash.

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  • 6 Delish Savannah Restaurants for Foodies

      It’s no secret that Savannah is a romantic destination with a dreamy ambiance. Attractions and activities are plentiful as well, making it an appealing choice for family vacations as well as couples and gal pal trips. What some may not realize however, is that this charming Southern gem is a foodie delight. Read on for six Savannah restaurants for foodies. The Olde Pink House To start off

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  • Best Spots for Savannah Shopping

    There is no better time to go on a shopping spree than when you are on vacation. Shopping can help you enjoy hours of entertainment. When you stay in one of our vacation rentals you will be close to some of the best spots for Savannah shopping. Here is where you should check out for the best shopping experience in Savannah: River Street You will find the best souvenirs to take home from your exciting Savannah getaway

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  • Upcoming Savannah Events You Must Attend

    For an incredible vacation getaway, Savannah, Georgia continues to be one of the top destinations on the East Coast. You will find a variety of events that are perfect for a night out with friends or with the whole family. Here are some upcoming Savannah events that you must attend: Savannah Craft Brew Fest Join the Savannah Craft Beer Fest during its 11th consecutive year this September where you can sample over 150 different kinds of craft

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