• Vic’s On The River – Fine Dining On Your Savannah Vacation

    Where can you go in Savannah to enjoy truly sophisticated Southern charm and fine dining on your Savannah vacation? Vic's on the River is an excellent choice. True to its name, the venue sits along the banks of the Savannah River and offers guests a spectacular view of the river. Built in 1859, the

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  • Leoci’s Trattoria – Savannah Vacation Dining

    When you take a trip to Savannah you’ll experience a number of southern traditions such as our hospitality and cuisine. Savannah vacation dining in downtown Savannah includes a variety of food options. For instance, our city’s restaurants serve authentic southern fare, traditional American meals, and European dishes. About Leoci’s Trattoria Leoci’s Trattoria opened in 2009 and serves savory Italian cuisine such as

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  • Garibaldis Cafe – Fine Dining on Vacation in Savannah

    While visiting Savannah you’ll enjoy dining out as many of our restaurants feature authentic cuisine. To experience fine dining in downtown Savannah, plan an evening meal at Garibaldi’s Café. The eatery’s celebratory and romantic atmosphere is perfect for wearing more formal attire. About Garibaldi’s Café Garibaldi’s Café is the perfect dining establishment for quiet occasions or festive meals

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  • The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island

    While planning your perfect Savannah vacation, review the accommodations from Southern Belle Vacation Rentals as we offer lodging options in a variety of locations. During your Savannah vacation, be sure to plan a day on Tybee Island to enjoy The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island. The beach which is just 20 minutes from Savannah where you can enjoy sandy

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  • Papillote French Cafe in Downtown Savannah

    Visitors flock to Savannah for her beauty, her character, and her charm. Southern Belle Vacation Rentals welcomes guests to our beloved city with open arms and gracious accommodations that make everyone feel like they belong. One important part of learning any city, absorbing its culture and fitting in, lies in sampling its food. Papillote French Cafe Savannah offers a diverse collection

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  • J Christopher’s for Breakfast or Lunch in Downtown Savannah

    Once you're comfortably settled into your lovely Southern Belle Vacation Rentals accommodations, you might wonder where to eat during your stay. If you'd like something kind of homey with great food and lots of charm, J. Christopher's, a breakfast and lunch café in downtown Savannah, fits that description to a T. Founded more than 15 years

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  • SOHO South Cafe – Cafes in Downtown Savannah

    If you are looking for a delightful cafe in downtown Savannah, we recommend checking out the Soho South Cafe. This quirky location enables diners to enjoy lunch or brunch while taking in works of art and it's one of our favorite destinations for a quick meal. A Sample of the Menu Soho South Cafe is open from 11 a.m.

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  • Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room – Great Southern Food in Downtown Savannah

    Ask any local in Savannah, Georgia, for a restaurant recommendation and we are likely to give you quite a long list. Savannah is full of excellent dining venues of every type, style, and cuisine. Choosing one can be rather difficult. If you are looking for true Southern dining in downtown Savannah though, there is

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  • Leopold’s Ice Cream – Great Desserts in Downtown Savannah

    Navigating the streets of Savannah during the warmer months of the year may leave some people craving a snack. When we are looking for an ice cream shop in downtown Savannah, we inevitably head to Leopold’s Ice Cream. With a range of flavors to choose from, customers will be wholly satisfied with the experience. The décor

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  • Vinnie Van Go-Go’s – New York Style Pizzeria in Downtown Savannah

    If you are ready to eat some of the best pizza in downtown Savannah, you should definitely head to Vinnie's Van Go-Go in the famous City Market. This New York Style Pizzeria in Downtown Savannah is the preferred option of many locals, and it will provide you with the perfect carry out option when you want to spend a few hours relaxing in

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