• Spring Break on Tybee Island: Everything You Need to Know

    Not all Spring Break beach destinations are fraught with partying and college-kid shenanigans. Visitors are appreciating the benefits of smaller, eco-friendly vacation destinations and Tybee Island does not disappoint. It’s a family-friendly destination offering beautiful shorelines with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, water activities and plenty of places to kick back with a cold one if that’s your preference. The first thing you need to know is that location is everything. Choose a comfortable

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  • 6 Best Indoor Activities in Savannah

    Savannah’s winters are mild, with lows around 40 degrees and highs in the low 60s. Snow is rare, though the area gets a little rain. So, even though day temperatures are temperate, you might want to plan some indoor entertainment. We’ve got some great ideas. Have a love for all things nautical? Visit the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum at the William Scarborough House and Gardens. Founded in 1966, the Maritime Museum exhibits ship

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  • 5 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Savannah Before Back to School

    With school days looming just around the corner, keep the family happy with a quick Savannah getaway. There’s still time to enjoy Tybee Island beaches, Savannah attractions and everything the area has to offer. Chill Out Join the celebration as Leopold’s Ice Cream holds its 100 Year Birthday Block Party on Aug. 17. The giant block party will be held at the Broughton Street location from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Activities include music, dancing, children’s

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  • Visiting Savannah with Teens

    It can be difficult to find vacation activities everyone in the family enjoys. Especially when some of those family members are teenagers. Of course, all ages love beaches, shopping, dining out and trolley tours. Those are a given. But if you want to think outside the box, here are some options for a Savannah vacation with teens. Plan an Escape Match your wits and

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  • Fun Indoor Activities for Summer Afternoons

    Savannah has its own rhythm in the summer. Warm nights. Cold drinks. And then there are those sunny afternoons when it’s nice to step indoors to catch the AC. Not all indoor, air-conditioned spaces are equal. So, here’s a few of our favorite places to step in and cool off. Cool Savannah History Lessons At the American Prohibition Museum, whisper the password at the door and you can

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  • 4 Ways to Beat the Heat During Summer in Savannah

    Savannah is wonderful any time of year. It can, however, get a little steamy during the summer time. We like to think that’s still part of the charm of Savannah though! We’ve got some refreshing ways to cool off when the temperature starts to rise. Choose a Flavor Nothing says summertime like a creamy, delicious ice cream treat. And what better place to get

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  • Six Fun Tours in Savannah You Can’t Miss

    Taking a tour is a great way to get a look at Savannah, learn about its history and hear tales of some of its most famous buildings and residents. With so many tours in Savannah to choose from, we thought we’d help you narrow down your options. Unique Tours in Savannah Hop On/Hop Off A trolley tour is the

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  • 6 Fun Facts About Savannah and Why You Should Visit

    Maybe it’s the history or the mystique of being a river port. Or, it could be the literary flair used to describe Savannah and its charms. But, one thing is certain: Savannah catches the imagination like few other U.S. cities. As much as you may know about Savannah, there’s always a little more to learn when you dig deeper. Get in touch with

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  • It’s Kid’s Stuff on Tybee Island!

    It’s kids play on Tybee Island during spring and summer, with plenty of activities to keep the most active children busy and entertained. Whether your little one likes history, nature, the ocean, or a combination, they’ll find a lot to love along the Georgia coast.   History in Tybee Island For the history-loving kid, head to Fort Pulaski National Monument,

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