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  • 6 Fun Facts About Savannah and Why You Should Visit

    Maybe it’s the history or the mystique of being a river port. Or, it could be the literary flair used to describe Savannah and its charms. But, one thing is certain: Savannah catches the imagination like few other U.S. cities. As much as you may know about Savannah, there’s always a little more to learn when you dig deeper. Get in touch with

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  • It’s Kid’s Stuff on Tybee Island!

    It’s kids play on Tybee Island during spring and summer, with plenty of activities to keep the most active children busy and entertained. Whether your little one likes history, nature, the ocean, or a combination, they’ll find a lot to love along the Georgia coast.   History in Tybee Island For the history-loving kid, head to Fort Pulaski National Monument,

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  • The Telfair Museums

    Founded in 1883, as a gift to the Georgia Historical Society, the Telfair Museum is the oldest public art museum in the South. Mary Telfair, a prominent Savannah philanthropist, left her house and its furnishings specifically to be used as a museum. The Telfair Museum started out with just Mary Telfair’s house, but over the years has added two other locations: The historic Owens Thomas House & Slave Quarters and the Jepson Center. Each location

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  • Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

    Founded in 1966, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah is just a few blocks from the Savannah Visitor’s Center and City Market. At 41 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the museum is on the west edge of the historic city of Savannah. The Ships of Sea Maritime Museum Housed in the historic William Scarbough House, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum has nine galleries of maritime artifacts, paintings and ship models. The collections

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  • The Talmadge Memorial Bridge

    If you are in downtown Savannah, or heading into Savannah from South Carolina, or from the west on I-16, the Talmadge Memorial Bridge looms up over everything. It’s an impressive sight and quite beautiful. Completed in November 1990, this ‘cable-stayed’ bridge cost over $70.9 million. The Talmadge Memorial Bridge in Savannah replaced the old bridge which, built in 1953, just became too short for the taller and bigger ships needing access to the Port of Savannah.

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  • Riverfront Plaza

    If you are visiting Savannah, you have to head down to historic River Street. Facing north, onto the Savannah River, it is a great place to shop, eat and drink and just watch life go by. And the heart of River Street is Rousakis Riverfront Plaza in Savannah. A Quick History of River Street River Street is the river side of the buildings built on Bay Street as part of the warehouses and shipping enterprises along Bay

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  • 3 Easy Steps for Planning a Savannah, Ga., Vacation

    Okay, show of hands: Who’s ready for a vacation to Savannah? Anytime you can get away for a weekend or longer, Savannah is the perfect destination. It’s a beautiful city with a rich history, downright decadent restaurants and outdoor adventures. What more could you ask from a vacation getaway? Throw in the nearby Tybee Island beaches and you’re set.   The best part? Planning a

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  • The Best Tybee Island Tours For Sightseeing

    Georgia’s northernmost barrier island, Tybee Island has a wide variety of activities for any type of visitor and sightseeing in and around the island comes in many forms. Just choose your method of transportation - on land by foot, bike or car, or on the water by boat, kayak or paddleboard. Then choose your subject – history, dolphins and marine life, or nature and scenery - just to name a few options. There are Tybee

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  • Tybee Post Theater

    The historic Tybee Post Theater, a Greek Revival style theater, has been reborn as a vibrant multi-use venue on Tybee Island. Part of historic Fort Screven, which was built in 1855 and is located on the north end of Tybee Island, the Theater at Fort Screven was one of the first theaters in the country to have sound and served as the highlight of many recreational activities for the fort’s soldiers. History of The Tybee

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