• Pin Point Heritage Museum

    If you're looking for things to do in Savannah GA, add this attraction to your list. Getting to step back in time, if only for a brief period, is always fascinating, even if we don't always like what we see. The lessons we learn can be priceless ones, as experienced by a visit to the Pin Point Heritage Museum. Located at 9924 Pin Point Avenue in Savannah and housed inside the walls of what

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  • Oatland Island Wildlife Center

    Looking for the best Savannah attractions? We can never seem to learn enough about the wildlife that make their homes in the wooded areas around Savannah, and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center is another star natural attraction we recommend to all our guests. Serving as both an educational wildlife preserve and small zoo, your Georgia explorations will include magical memories of the cuddly and not so cuddly creatures that make their home in this

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  • Mickve Israel Temple

    Wondering what to do in Savannah GA during your stay? One of the advantages to living in one of the oldest cities in the nation is the open access to all the history that accompanies age. From civil war battle spots to plantation homes to religious sites that have stood the test of time, you can view it all during your stay in historic Savannah. One of our favorite places to visit is the Mickve

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  • Lafayette Square

    Looking for Savannah things to do? Newcomers to the city of Savannah are often pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to find their way around the town. Divided into multiple squares, the grid layout leads to easy navigation and an abundance of parks at the center of each square. Lafayette Square, the namesake of the Marquis de Lafayette, is one of the more renowned squares, famous for its photographic appeal and the grand

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  • Grayson Stadium

    History plays a big part of the appeal of Savannah and sports are a big deal down South. Sometimes the two combine, creating a one-two punch that will knock your socks off! The historic Grayson Stadium located at 1401 Victory Drive right here in Savannah is one of those one-two punches that will appeal to everyone in your family. Currently the home of the Savannah Bananas, our Coastal Plains League team, when you sit in

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  • Ghost Coast Distillery

    During Prohibition the consumption of alcohol was declared illegal, much to the dismay of a large segment of American citizens, and while they may not have been outwardly vocal about their dislike of temperance, behind closed doors they made their feelings clear. Bootleggers became the new American heroes, and Blind Pigs (slang for speakeasies) were a popular way to get what they needed. Bathtub gin, brick wine, and white lightning were the beverages of choice

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  • Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home

    We residents of Savannah are a prideful people. We are proud of our history, of the grand manors that dot our streets, and even more, we are proud of those quirky and unique citizens of our town that have gone on to bigger and better things. If the sons and daughters of Savannah do well, it makes us ALL look good and we will brag on them through the end of time. If you are

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  • Colonial Park Cemetery

    Looking for unusual things to see in Savannah GA? It should be of no surprise to learn that cemeteries are popular destination spots during vacations, as the human animal is enamored with a brush with fame, regardless of whether that famous person is alive or not. Pere Lachaise in Paris, the final resting spot of Chopin, Jim Morrison, and Sarah Bernhardt; Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where both John and Robert Kennedy were buried;

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  • 10 Things to Eat and See in Savannah

    10 Things to Eat, See, and Do in Savannah If you already love Savannah, you know there is something to do, eat, or see on just about every street, corner, and in between! If you prefer a “short list” (or maybe you only have a short time to visit), we’ve compiled a pared down list of some of our favorites. Forsyth Park –

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  • Savannah Itinerary for Couples

      Looking to spend a weekend with your love? Savannah, full of art, history, amazing food, and Southern hospitality is a great place to getaway. Here’s our perfect weekend Savannah itinerary for couples:   Day 1 Day 1 is all about Broughton Street. Start your Savannah experience off the right way with breakfast at B. Matthew’s Eatery. Dive into Fried Green Tomato Benedict or the Salmon Hash.

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