• Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Visit Tybee Island

    Trade the snow for sand with a wonderful winter vacation to Tybee Island beaches. The beaches make a great escape from ice and cold, with mild temperatures and low humidity year ‘round.   Life on the Island also slows down in the winter months, giving visitors the opportunity to live like a local and really get to know the area.   Book a stay in the four-bedroom Beach House Down for your home-away-from-home. Just steps

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  • New Year, New You in Savannah, GA.

    Kick off the New Year resolution to boost your health and well-being in 2021. If you feel like 2020 really did a number on you physically and mentally, it’s a great time to reset. Of course, a Savannah getaway is a wonderful way to relax, reflect and re-focus as you enter the new year.   These tips from the Centers for Disease Control will help boost your health as you enter the new year.   First,

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  • Ring in the New Year, Savannah Style

    Who else is ready to wash off 2020 and splash into 2021? We are with you! What better way to ring in the New Year than with a getaway to Savannah and the Georgia coast?   COVID-19 restrictions have caused some cancellations of big celebrations, but you can still experience a memorable New Year’s holiday, starting with making that big splash.   The Tybee Polar Plunge, a fundraiser for the Tybee Post Theatre, takes place

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  • 12 Best Christmas Cocktails in Savannah

    With Christmas looking a little different this year, here are some festive cocktails sure to get you in the holiday spirit, or should we say spirits?   Most folks think of eggnog when considering traditional holiday drinks. Eggnog is among the richest of these grand traditions. A recipe from Elizabeth on 37th, a James Beard Award-winning restaurant, combines eggs, powdered sugar, spices, bourbon, white rum and dark rum with apricot brandy, peach brandy, whole

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  • Savannah Lights Up for the Holidays

    Of all holiday traditions, the most dazzling is the twinkling of lights. Lighting up for Christmas dates to the Yule Log bonfire in the 12th century. Then came candles attached to trees in Germany in the 17th century. In 1882, the invention of the light bulb led to strings of lights being used in place of candles.   Savannah certainly follows tradition by lighting up for the holidays. Of course, this city loves any reason to celebrate

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  • Top Spots for a Delish Thanksgiving Feast in Savannah

    Holidays do not have to be hectic. In fact, a visit to Savannah for Thanksgiving is downright relaxing. Plan now for a low-key getaway to the “Hostess City of the South” to kick off the festive season.   There are plenty of things to do, but you can also just wander the squares and parks of the Historic District, shop the plethora of specialty stores and boutiques and, of course, enjoy that flavorful Southern cuisine. The city

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  • Sprinkle of This, Dash of That: Holiday Cooking Classes in Savannah

    If the holidays mean cooking for you and your family, sign up for a cooking class at Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table in Savannah. Chef Darin Sehnert has been passionate about food since learning in the kitchen with his grandmas and mom. A fascination with the Osterizer blender cookbook at the age of 9 developed into a lifelong love of baking.  For more than a decade, he has used that creativity to conduct cooking classes

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  • Great Spots to Enjoy Savannah’s Fall Flavors

    Fall is that cozy season when warm, spicy-flavored drinks and menu items pop up. That is fine with us. Who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice latte? But that’s just for starters. Autumn also means delightful flavors like tart apples, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, figs and ginger.   When visiting Savannah’s, you can whip up a fantastic meal in the well-appointed kitchen of your vacation rental cottage. Just pick up some local produce at the

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  • National Beer Lover’s Day: Savannah Craft Beer to Write Home About

    Beer has a long and distinct history in our nation, as well as in Savannah. With National Beer Day set Sept. 7, let’s take a moment to raise a glass to some of the best brews in Georgia’s first city.   The first American brewery started in 1632 in New York City. While Georgia started as a dry colony in 1733, it didn’t take long for the colonists’ throats to get dry. As governor, James

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  • Spring Break on Tybee Island: Everything You Need to Know

    Not all Spring Break beach destinations are fraught with partying and college-kid shenanigans. Visitors are appreciating the benefits of smaller, eco-friendly vacation destinations and Tybee Island does not disappoint. It’s a family-friendly destination offering beautiful shorelines with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, water activities and plenty of places to kick back with a cold one if that’s your preference. The first thing you need to know is that location is everything. Choose a comfortable

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