Tybee Island Vacations

Tybee Island VacationsVisitors, tourists and vacationers near Savannah, Georgia will find a wealth of activities and locations to enjoy along the coastal region of this historically rich state. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Georgia lies along the coast at the easternmost point of the state. Tybee Island Vacations are a must see for both residents of the region and visitors to the local area.

Tybee Island Is A Must See

The island has a colorful history. Pirates frequented the island in days gone by where they hid from pursuit. The island made a wonderful refuge since its inland waterways provided a source of fresh water for the pirates. The site later became a place of contention in 1670 as the English, who allied with the pirates, warred with the Spanish and their Native American alliance.

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While James Moore attempted to lead an invasion into the Spanish held regions of Florida with a force that consisted of both Indians and pirates, he failed to secure the capital of Florida. Moore did succeed in the destruction of the missionary provinces of Mocama and Guale. Another attempt at invasion occurred two years later in 1704 which caused the Spanish to retreat to the capital leaving the Sea Islands uninhabited. It was then that new English establishments settled in the Sea Islands leading to the development of the colony of Georgia.

Tybee Island Light Station

The Tybee Island is also home to the Tybee Island Light Station, the original lighthouse which was built in 1763. Tybee Island has been home to three lighthouses of which the third one is used even today.

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TyTybee Island Vacationsbee Island provides one of the land masses that make up the most northeastern island of Georgia’s Barrier Islands. One can enjoy exploring the Lower Coastal Plain as well as partaking of the coastal beauty of the sandy beach and the tidal salt marsh. On the interior side of the island one can enjoy discovering the maritime forest as well as the freshwater sloughs.

Tybee Island Family Vacations

Not only is Tybee Island beautiful to behold with its natural and historical offerings, residents hold an art fest every Labor Day. Visitors who wish to partake of the Tybee Labor Day Island Art Fest can visit the region Friday, August 30th to September 1st. Classes, art and workshops are offered to visitors throughout the year.

Visitors can also enjoy the Tybee Arts Performing Society, creatively called T.A.P.S., which invites audiences to enjoy their productions at either the Tybee Gymnasium or the Tybee Arts center Jim Ingham “Black Box” Theater.Tybee Island Vacations

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When wrapping up their day, some visitors might be lucky enough to catch the annual fireworks display launched over the pier. Even if the fireworks are not in season, one still can marvel at the serene beauty of a sunrise over the rolling ocean waves near the beach.