American Prohibition Museum in Savannah

The American Prohibition Museum, America’s only museum dedicated solely to the prohibition era, is located in City Market in downtown Savannah. This two-story museum allows guests to interact with 13 riveting exhibits that take guests back in time to the 1920’s. The exhibits feature life-size wax figures, talking portraits, and film reels in rooms designed to look like saloons from the era.


Exhibits at the American Prohibition Museum in Savvannah


Exhibits include the Temperance Movement, which allows guests to learn about the fight for prohibition and to look through the posters and fliers that were used as propaganda in the fight for a dry country.


The Carrie Nation exhibit looks at the life of Carrie Nation, a woman who was a radical member of the temperance movement and was known for attacking liquor-serving establishments with a hatchet. You can take a photo with a life-sized wax figure of Carrie and her famous hatchet.


The Southern Rum Runners exhibit tells you why Savannah was often referred to as the “Bootleg Spigot of the South” and gives the history of the famous Rum Row. And in the Moonshine Making exhibit, you will read about the history of bootleggers producing their own illicit alcohol, and you will learn how to make your own moonshine.


As you continue through the museum you will learn—from the help of tour guides, wax figures, and talking portraits—about the history of the fight for prohibition, the consequences of prohibition, the creation of speakeasies, and the fight to end the prohibition era.


Drink at the Speakeasy


At the end of the museum is a real “speakeasy” bar. A bouncer at the door will demand the password, and once you get inside you’ll feel like you stepped into a time machine back to the 1920’s. During the day, Congress Street Up is open to museum guests. If you have anyone under the age of 21 with you, they can order a mocktail at the bar.


If you want to go back at night, the bar is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights to the public, proper attire required. The bartenders at Congress Street Up serve craft cocktails authentic to the era including the Old Fashion, the Mary Pickford, the French 75, and Pimm’s Cup. Congress Street Up also offers bimonthly classic cocktail classes so you can learn how to make the perfect Mary Pickford at home.


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