Webb Military Museum

Our military history is something we are very proud of, and nowhere is it more obvious than the Webb Military Museum. Located at 411 East York Street and open every day of the week (12 until 4 on Sundays, 10 till 5 every other day), this museum gives us a peek into the history of our military from the Civil War through Desert Storm. Starting out as nothing more than a collection of artifacts owned by a military buff, today this museum is one of the largest of its kind and is a popular tourist destination in our favorite riverside city.

Bringing the Past to Life

The artifacts and exhibits found inside the Webb Military Museum tell a story about the men and women that once wore, carried, or owned each piece. Featuring uniforms that include the infamous grey wool ones of the Confederacy and the blue ones of the Union, as you peruse the exhibits, you’ll also find memorabilia from both World War I and II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Safely stored inside glass display cases, signed photographs of Savannah war heroes hang, the steely eyes of their subjects seeming to follow your every move. Along one wall is a collection of trunks, still bearing the social security numbers and names of the soldiers to which they once belonged, and sticking out of yet another wall is the cockpit and partial fuselage of a fighter plane; to discover what type and what year it hails from, you’ll have to visit for yourself! With colorful medals earned by brave soldiers, stacks of books that teach us everything there is to know about war strategies and principles, and a selection of pistols, rifles, swords, and other weapons of war, if military buffs can’t find what they are looking for here, they just aren’t searching hard enough!

The Webb Military Museum Fits into Most Vacation Budgets

Vacations can be expensive, so it’s always a bonus to discover an inexpensive yet fun activity that appeals to the entire family, and this museum offers just that! Costing $10 for adults, $9 for seniors (62+), $8 for veterans, and $6 for children 8-17, this budget-friendly activity is the perfect way to fill a few hours during your Savannah “safari!”

Proud of Our Military and Proud to Serve Our Guests

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