• Savannah River Beach

    Tybee Island, on Georgia’s coast, is home to three ocean beaches and two separate river beaches. The ocean beaches face east and the Atlantic Ocean, while each river beach is located on opposite ends of the island, north and south. The Savannah River Beach, the quietest beach on Tybee, faces the Savannah River, on the north end of the island. Calmer Beach Experience While seemingly not as easily accessible as Tybee’s three ocean beaches, the river beaches

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  • Tybee Island Whale Watching and Dolphin Tours

    Dolphins are plentiful in Georgia’s coastal waters. And there is no better place to see them than with a Tybee Island dolphin tour. While you may see dolphins while walking on the beach at Tybee, why not take a boat tour specifically planned for that up close and personal dolphin experience? Imagine the fun of having cavorting dolphins racing next to your boat! Here are a few top Tybee Island whale watching and dolphin tours

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  • Tybee Island Wildlife and Nature Tours

    If you are a bird lover, wildlife enthusiast, or enjoy meandering through undeveloped landscapes, head to Tybee Island. Georgia’s northern most barrier island, this area is home to a diverse landscape of beaches and dunes, jetties, tidal rivers, salt marshes, coastal hammocks, and woodlands. Bird Watching Tybee’s North Beach is the Colonial Coast Birding Trail’s end point and one of the best spots for year-round bird watching. More than 210 species have been sighted here and

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  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tybee Island

    SUP stands for stand up paddleboard! It’s a new and exciting way to enjoy our waterways and oceans. Paddleboarding is a form of surfing – you propel yourself through the water while standing on a paddleboard (a fat surf board). And what better place to paddleboard than Tybee Island? You can get a work out while paddling your board around the island, taking in the marine life, shore birds and exquisite water views. If you're

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  • Surfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing on Tybee Island

    If you think the beach is just for sunbathing or collecting shells, think again! Think watersports. Think Tybee Island, Georgia. There are numerous things to do in Tybee Island and may be the best place to learn to surf, windsurf and kitesurf. The waves are gentle, the wind consistent and beach access is easy. Surfing While the waves on the Georgia coast may not be the best for surfing, that hasn’t deterred the surfers who patiently

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  • Tybee Island South Beach

    Tybee Island, Georgia’s beach, has three public oceanfront beaches and two river beaches, each with a different look and feel. South Beach is the island’s busiest beach and extends from 14th Street south to 18th Street, making for one of the most popular places to stay in Tybee Island. South Beach Located next to the main business district, Tybee Island South Beach has the most concentrated selection of motels and condos and is the most populated beach.

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  • The BEST Historic Sites in Savannah, Ga.

    The BEST Historic Sites in Savannah, Ga.   For any history buff, Savannah is like hitting the Mother Lode. Discover history at every turn. The cobblestone streets alone feel like stepping back in time.   Savannah is well known for its historic district, named a National Historic Landmark District in 1966. Founded in 1733, it was the first capital of Georgia, and the first city in North American

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  • 5 Ways to be “Home for the Holidays” in Savannah

    5 Ways to be "Home for the Holidays" in Savannah   Talk about city sidewalks dressed in holiday style! Savannah is a picture-perfect place to spend time during the Christmas season. It’s already such a beautiful, iconic destination. Add holiday lights, mistletoe and Christmas music and it’s downright Currier and Ives! Make yourself at home. We’ll help with a few suggestions.   First, stroll the streets, browse shop

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  • First Timer’s Guide to Savannah, Ga.

    First Timer's Guide to Savannah, Ga.   Visiting Savannah for the first time? You’re in store for a treat! This enchanting Southern city holds something for everyone, from families to couples. We’re taking the guess work out of planning a first-time visit. Browse our suggestions and book your Savannah vacation rental for the ultimate Georgia getaway. We’ve got everything you need to know during your visit,

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  • Webb Military Museum

    Our military history is something we are very proud of, and nowhere is it more obvious than the Webb Military Museum. Located at 411 East York Street and open every day of the week (12 until 4 on Sundays, 10 till 5 every other day), this museum gives us a peek into the history of our military from the Civil War through Desert Storm. Starting out as nothing more than a collection of artifacts owned

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