Awesome Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Savannah, Georgia

Sunny days are wonderful, and if you’re planning a picnic, a hike, or a beach day, it’s almost vital to have the sun shining brightly. But a rainy day, in our minds, offers endless possibilities: a walk in the rain with a colorful umbrella, a trip to a museum for a day of education and entertainment, a night sitting out on your patio, sipping coffee and listening to the rain on the roof. A rainy day can be magical! Here are some of the best things do to in Savannah that will make rainy days awesome and fun.

Tour the Town by Trolley

The romance of our city is enhanced by a little rainfall, and when you explore by trolley, you can stay warm and cozy as you learn the intriguing history of our favorite Southern town. Old Town Trolley, located at 234 Martin Luther King Boulevard, has been a trusted tour company for years and is definitely worth a try!

Explore a Museum

We may be a little biased, but the story of Savannah is a rich and exciting one that can be experienced with a visit to the Savannah History Museum, located at 303 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. Offering an authentic picture of life in Savannah from pre-Revolutionary War days all the way through the new millennium, the artifacts and exhibits housed here will fascinate.

Experience the Bonaventure Cemetery, 330 Bonaventure Road

Why is it that some of the most scenic parts of any historic town always include the local cemetery? We can’t really answer that rhetorical question, but we can tell you that a drive through Bonaventure Cemetery should be at the top of your vacation bucket list, rain or shine! Located on a bluff by the Wilmington River, some of Savannah’s most prominent citizens are buried here in tombs that are as lavish as their homes were; its definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Savannah.

Give in to the Urge to Stay In, With All These Great Things to Do in Savannah

Some of our most memorable memories involve rainy days where we do nothing of importance, and you can experience that for yourself in your Southern Belle Vacation Rentals cozy getaway. Sleep late with the windows open, letting the smell of fresh fallen rain permeate the house, enjoy a muffin and a hot tea on the porch, watching the showers clean away the dust of late summer, or watch an old movie on the large flat screen television in the living room; our homes are designed to make families comfortable no matter what the weather is. Reserve yours today!

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