Grayson Stadium

History plays a big part of the appeal of Savannah and sports are a big deal down South. Sometimes the two combine, creating a one-two punch that will knock your socks off! The historic Grayson Stadium located at 1401 Victory Drive right here in Savannah is one of those one-two punches that will appeal to everyone in your family. Currently the home of the Savannah Bananas, our Coastal Plains League team, when you sit in the bleachers of this venerable establishment, if you listen closely you can practically hear the whispers of those who played before our favorite local team. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Savannah, don’t skip the stadium.

Constructed in 1926

Baseball is a wonderful sport, and today’s players have skills that surpass many of those from the past, but the early days of the game somehow had an extra glamour that isn’t apparent today, and Grayson Stadium was a major player in the glamour games. Constructed in 1926 and reconstructed in 1941 after a hurricane basically demolished the park, a roll call of former players on its esteemed field would sound as if someone was reading aloud from a who’s who in baseball. Strictly a minor league field, it was the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Jackie Robinson who could often be found in the batter’s box of Grayson Stadium. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech here, and Mickey Mantle once played in an exhibition game, long before he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. With each crack of the bat and every cheer from the stadium bleachers, life is once again breathed into America’s favorite summer pastime.

The Grayson Stadium Today

Once the summer ends and our Savannah Bananas are done for the year, it doesn’t mean the park closes down until the next season starts anew; rather, this is the time when the parties begin! From birthday parties to the Field of Food Trucks, there’s always something going on at Grayson, including an extra spooktacular Ghosts of Grayson Haunted Ballpark, scheduled to be held from October 25th through October 31st. If you’re in town for the week, it’s the perfect time to stop by!

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